"Block Premium Messaging" blocks all texts


I am a prepaid customer.  I recently upgraded to a Galaxy S6.  When I log in to My Verizon (mobile and full website) and try to enable the "Block Premium Messaging" feature, it enables "Block Text/Pix" instead.  The "On" slider for premium messaging will show, but as soon as I return to the screen, the slider for that will be "Off" and Block Text/Pix will be "On."

Is this a phone thing, or a problem with My Verizon?  I was on the phone with customer support last night, and he experienced the same problem on my account.  I should be able to block premium messaging.

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Re: "Block Premium Messaging" blocks all texts

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Community Manager

You've got questions, I have answers. Here is some information about premium messaging http://spr.ly/6582B8aoj

We have actually stopped premium messaging billing as of January 31, 2014. With that the premium messaging block has been changed to the format you are seeing now since there is no need to block something we no longer offer. If you would like additional assistance with your prepay account our prepay experts are standing by at 888-294-6804.


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