No one at Verizon customer service does what they say they will do

I've chatted twice and called once in the last week or so. The first chat rep lied and said she'd give us 2 free GB since we had 4G used without our authorization. Note that they gave us 2GB free rather than what was stolen, 4GB. The 2nd rep which was a phone call said that the first rep actually authorized the 2 free GB every single month for 12 months;news to me but I was happy at the news. Today I chat and talk to EfremJulius. He was all nice during the chat and agreed to a similar promotional credit after admitting the first rep screwed up and didn't correctly apply the 2GB credit -- AND -- the 2nd rep flat out lied, that it was not for 12 months at all.

After several minutes of chatting with EfremJulius and much back and forth with me asking for clarification over and over, he says the supervisors are working on why the first rep screwed up and trying to fix it, and that he will email me a confirmation personally to my email so that in the future there will be no doubt or confusion as to what promotional credit we were authorized.

I asked him how long before I get the e-mail. He said 5-10 minutes. It has been at least 2 hours and I still don't have the e-mail.

I am telling you that you cannot believe anything that Verizon customer service people tell you.

On top of all this I used the "email the chat transcript" function in the chat window, and it does not work.

I don't have time for this. Verizon you suck.

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