Billing mishap. Please help.

Hi. I found your user name on the community pages and thought I'd try messaging you for help. I've been a customer for over 10 years on a family plan and just got my own line 2 months ago.

When I was first creating my current plan, I spoke with an associate over the phone. I think it was on June 11. His manager offered me a 20% discount off of the $80 (10 gig) monthly plan fee because I had experienced some bad service, etc. This was to be a recurring (not one-time) discount, which the associate explained to me.

However, before my first bill I had to expand my plan to a 20 gig just for that one month, but I arranged for this to be reset to my original plan at the end of the billing cycle. At the end of the cycle my plan was reset to a 10 gig, but I lost my 20% discount. At that time, the associate who reset my plan (different than the first associate who gave me the 20% discount) gave me a different discount of $25 off my line fee for being a month to month member (not on a contract).

As a reminder, the discount I was given when I agreed to create a new plan was a 20% off my DATA plan amount. The month to month discount of $25 from my LINE fee should be in addition to this, not instead of it.

Can someone please fix this billing situation?

Please let me know if any more info is needed. I do not have the names of anyone I spoke with, just the approximate date that I wrote above.

Much thanks.

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