Terrible Customer Service / Billing Options


I have enrolled in auto pay.  Had auto pay set up, then I got a new bank card.  After receiving the new card, I immediately updated payment info with Verizon way ahead of the next bill.  I find that the pay was not taken from my account, so the current bill is nearly $400 dollars - plus an additional $5.00 late fee.  Called customer service, and fumble through the all automated menus, only to be told that the late fee is because I did not update my card info.  She waived the late fee but could not take my payment; I would have to be transferred to the correct department.  If only that transfer had gone through, instead - the call dropped.  Upon calling customer service again, automated menus, I find out that they have my newest card on file and ask if I would like to use this card to make payment???? I wait for an operator who tells me I need to set up auto pay again! So that I can have the same mess I just dealt with when I created my new parment - I dont think so.  You are AWFUL verizon.  BEYOND TERRIBLE.  How about having a speak to a real living person option on the menu before all the other nonsense.  I will be switching back to AT&T where I never had a single problem.  I have had Verizon Wireless service since November 2014 and have had countless issues.  Not to mention, the gentlemen I spoke with said the problems I have encountered "are very common." You get enough $5.00 late fees from customers who pay on time, verizon gets a fat wallet.  Well good for you, you have terrible service and even worse customer service.  I will never speak highly of this company or cellular service. 

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