If I terminate one line on my plan, will there be an early termination fee?


I have a family plan with 2 lines on it. One of them isn't being used anymore. I am wondering if I would incur an early termination fee and if so how much would that be? I know the upgrade eligibility date is in August, I assume that would be the contract end date as well. Gracias.

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Re: Family Plan, 1 line early termination fee?

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Any line that is cancelled while under contract will incur an ETF.

$350-$10 per completed month = approx $140.

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Re: Family Plan, 1 line early termination fee?

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Hola R_bethea,

It saddens us to hear that you are considering canceling one of your lines. We know the importance of receiving the best value for your services, especially when a line is not being used. If a line is still under a contract agreement, an Early Termination Fee would apply.  We would love to assist in going over options or a solution for this  line. I have sent you a direct message, please respond to the message.

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