Re: My phone has been suspended, but I keep getting billed. Please help me!!

It should have worked, are you sure you're all paid up and you're not just getting an old bill? You may need to try and call them via skype or try a chat session. Not sure why it's not working.

This if from the website I sent:

This depends on whether you choose to suspend service with billing or without billing:

  • Suspended with billing – You'll be billed for all services and features during the suspension period. Sin embargo, las fechas de tu contrato y elegibilidad para actualizaciones no se verán afectadas.
  • Suspended without billing – You won't incur voice, data or feature charges while your service is suspended. Monthly Verizon Edge payments will continue under your Verizon Edge contract. Si eliges esta opción, las fechas de tu contrato y elegibilidad para la actualización se extenderán por el tiempo en que la línea esté suspendida.