Re: What is the least expensive smartphone plan including TOTAL fees?

Líder Sénior

The loyalty plan is not advertised.  It was mainly for people on old plans (like you) people coming from a basic to a smartphone, and people generally not happy with either their rate or their service.  You'd need to call this one in to Verizon or maybe a corporate store.  If you get a new phone you will need to do this at the same time since once you get the plan, it extends your contract by a year min.  Or, in your case, it would sign you up for a year min.  I don't see an iPhone using only 1GB a month though, and from what I can tell, you're better off with a 2GB or even higher.  For you to lower your bill you're going to have to keep a TIGHT watch on any new smartphone and it's data use, which can go high in a hurry.  So, plan your plan around how you will use the phone and also remember how the phone will use you.  Nothing like overage charges on data at $10-15 per GB.