What is the least expensive smartphone plan including TOTAL fees?


I've got an old smartphone data plan that was rolled over from the times when people paid for minutes/texts separately.
It breaks down to:
$39.99 month for 450 minutes (I never come near it)
$10 month for texts
$30 month for 2gb data (I only use 1gb).
$79.99 por mes.
With taxes (and fees?) this ends up at

$97 / month

I chatted with a Verizon agent online and they said I could downgrade to 1gb/month, but didn't give a total price that was clear.
I'm only seeing the option to go from 2gb to "3g mobile hotspot" on my plan page, and don't want to enter into something where I'll be slammed with random fees for using the phone the same way.
When I asked about cheaper plans that I was seeing on the site (starting at $45 plans, but it looks like $60 may be the starting price if you're not paying for a new phone with the Edge service), the agent said  that there would be some other $40 fee for smartphones, which is apparently always present (is that the monthly minutes fee that i have?)

Is there a plan for smarthpones that ends up costing less than $79.99 TOTAL, that includes minutes/text and at least 1gb of data?

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