Do not sign up for Edge Program or shop at Bloomington, IN store!!! Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

Dear Verizon Wireless,

6 years ago, when I switched my cell phone service over to your company, I did it because you had legendary service, nice phones, and amazing coverage.  Up until this past week, I had been experiencing the benefits of those three things.  However, I must say my customer service experience the last twenty days has shaken my confidence in your company.

On January 23, I called your customer service phone number to confirm a procedure I wanted to accomplish.  My father who was previously using Cincinnati Bell, was excited at the possibility of switching to your company because of the positive experience my mother and I had been receiving. To make things easier for all of us, we desired to move his service over and have him take over as the main owner of the account.  However, I wanted to know if my mother and I could still upgrade our phones while completing this procedure.  When I talked to your customer service representative, she confirmed that indeed this would be possible. My father got the same information from a salesperson he spoke with a few weeks ago.

On January 24, I then proceeded to your Bloomington, IN location to update my phone.  At the time, I was upgraded to a great phone with some cool accessories for a decent price and a small added monthly fee.

The next day (January 25) my mother went to your Florence, KY location to upgrade her phone.  I found out that though she had been on my account for years, she couldn't upgrade without me there because she wasn't an authorized user on the account.  When I called customer service, they first told me she couldn't be added, then they told me it would take 24 hours.  Finally, I just did it myself on the internet from direction of your salesperson at the Florence store.  With all this cleared up, we assumed all would be fine when it was time for my father to bring his account over.

On Sunday (February 1), my father and I went into your Bloomington, IN store to bring his account over.  I had noticed when I tried to add him as an authorized user on the account over the internet that morning it said it would not let me because my account was less than 30 days old.  When we informed the salesmen of our intent he made it sound like it would be no problem to complete the transaction.  Halfway through the sale, however, we were informed that on my purchase a week earlier I had been upgraded to your "Verizon Edge" program and not only could my father not take over the plan,  all of our phones are now "lease" phones and not physically owned by us. We reluctantly elected to proceed with the transaction since Cincinnati Bell is closing out its cellular service at the end of February and due to our schedules my father and I were not certain we could be in the same place at the same time before then.

Looking closer at the offer we elected to proceed with, it seems you gave us the same offer you would have given anyone off the street. Our upgrades weren't truly "free", the $150 line credit is given to anyone transferring a cellphone and since my father was not able to take over the account, the salesman did not look into discounts my father qualifies for through his employer.

To add insult to injury, the salesperson dismissed us from the store when the porting process took longer than expected.  For the record, the porting process took over three hours

Today (February 7), I decided to call customer service again because the sun was shining and with my better mood, I was hoping for a better outcome.  The first person I talked to in customer support said it was very simple to take have my father take over the account and assume liability and began the process.  The associate gave me a number and said all my dad had to do was call it and he could take over the account.  Overjoyed I gave my dad the number and hoped this issue was finally resolved.  He called and once again was informed he could not because the phones were leased and were legally under my name.  Then the person "talked to his supervisor" and said once again there was nothing he could do.

During the past week I have received 3 emails and 2 phone call asking me how my customer service experience was.  Due to the nature of the busy nature of my day to day schedule, I have not had the time to respond to them.  I will respond to them with this simple statement - due to great stress your company has put my family under with your used car salesmen tactics I will be researching another company to buy out my contract/lease and if that does not work, I will guarantee you that in 2 years all three of us will be leaving Verizon.

A Very Disappointed Customer,

Charles <<Full name removed>>

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