Re: Leaving VZW - Early Termination Fee Billing


Hi @ErinW_VZW,
Thanks for your reply. I use a lot of data as I travel a lot for work and being able to keep in touch with my little girl via Skype while I am in an airport or watch netflix in a hotel with terrible wifi is critical to my sanity. I use about 30 gigs a month and last time I priced it out, it was quite pricey. I have opted to purchase devices outright for the last couple of years so I could keep the data, but at $600 a device and still having my bill remain the same despite not having a device subsidized just doesn't seem sustainable. I should also note that my work phone managed by your Large Corporate team is unlimited but its a Blackberry and has 3G data so it doesn't help me stay connected on the road except for email and voice. If you could find some sort of solution for me that would be great!