I ordered 3 phones on 1/30/2015 (2 used Samsung Galaxy S4's and a new Samsung Galaxy s5) I had to place each order separately due to each one being on the prepaid plan. After I placed the second order for the S5, I received a call from verizon's fraud department telling me to call them back. I call them back and the guy had no clue what I was talking about and couldn't find the order so he placed the order again over the phone. Finished that call then I got an e-mail with order number (again from the fraud dept) telling me to call back.... call back a second time and the girl found the first Internet order and put it thru so I asked her if she could cancel the other order I had placed and she said yes and I wouldn't be charged. WELL AFTER THAT I WAS CHARGED FOR 2 S5'S (AROUND $700 EACH). I DIDN'T WORRY AT FIRST BECAUSE THAT CANCELED ORDER CHARGE SET PENDING IN MY BANK FOR A FEW DAYS BUT THEN WENT THRU. I CALLED VERIZON THAT NIGHT THEY TOLD ME THEY HADN'T CHARGED ME AND I WOULD NEED TO FAX A COPY OF MY BANK STATEMENT SO I DID. I CALL THE NEXT MORNING AND WAS SWITCHED FROM PERSON TO PERSON FOR OVER AN HOUR AND ALL THEY CAN TELL ME NOW IS IT LOOKS LIKE THEY DID TAKE THE MONEY AND NO ORDER WAS SENT OUT. I HAVE NO CLUE ON WHAT TO DO NOW BECAUSE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE OVER THE PHONE WAS NO HELP AND I JUST CHECKED THE ORDER NUMBER THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE CANCELED AND IT SAYS THE ORDER IS PENDING. I WANT MY MONEY BACK BUT AGAIN I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GO ABOUT THIS SINCE EVERY OPERATOR I TALKED TO THE LAST TIME TOLD ME THAT WASN'T THEIR DEPARTMENT. I WENT FROM PHONE SALES, TO PRE-PAID, FRAUD, CORE DEPT AND BACK AROUND AGAIN. I NEED MY $700 BACK!

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