Re: $150 credit for Switching


Thank you for your reply. I am so fed up with the inconstancies, that My husband and I are considering paying the early termination fees and just going to AT&T. My port was completed early December. And yes, I have received my third, possibly forth bill at this point! All three of my lines were activated as a two year contract bc I had no intentions of leaving Verizon anytime soon. I was told back in Dec by two diff best by reps that I would receive a $150 bill credit for porting the 9415 line and that I would receive two additional $75 bill credits for the other two lines I activated. I was told these amounts would automatically credit my bill within two to three bill cycles. Mind you, the $75 credits was a promotion for activating any new Verizon edge or two year contract line! I have reached out multiple times to reps by phone and been promised that the $300 credit would hit my bill by the March bill cycle (which it didn't). Some of them even called Best Buy to verify the $75 promotion, placing me on hold for a while. They all came back and said that they did verify it was a promotion at the time my lines were activated and that I was to be receiving the $300 in bill credits. But yet again, I have not! I called this past wknd to check again as to why I have not gotten my credits as promised and this time (for the first time ever) I was told I would not receive the two $75 bill credits bc it was only for Verizon Edge customers. So at this point I have researched myself and found that the promotion I should have already received for $150 port and two $75 new activations was in fact for both verizon edge and two yr customers. I am not sure why your reps can't get their stories straight or why I can't get my $300 in credits as promised. But I hope that you can research this and be more helpful then anyone else has been. Thanks! Mary

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