Re: Please be perfect because if you are not, Verizon will screw you

Líder Sénior

jpollhein wrote: many apologists for Verizon...who knew?!?   Makes one wonder at the motivation...

I tend to think the motivation is from people taking the time and care to do things the way requested just to see people who don't follow policy, whine about it and then get the same outcome as those who took the extra time to do things right. The people who do things as requested don't get a benefit from taking the extra time to do so while all too often they see those who DON'T do things at requested don't get penalized for not doing things as they should.

Example which happens all too often to me: Airlines request you get to the airport with plenty of time to take delays into account. All too often, I see people getting to the airport at the last minute requesting to bypass lines in front of passengers who DID take the necessary precautions to arrive with the necessary time in order to perform all tasks needed(check in, security, etc...) When I get annoyed by people requesting such treatment, I am not an apologist for the airline, I am simply wanting these people to live by the same rules I live by. If it means missing their flight, tough. It annoys me to no end when I travel with someone who simply ignores me when I want to get to the airport 1.5 - 2 hours early and they say "don't worry, 30 minutes is enough time, they will get you through quicker if you tell them your flight is about ready to leave..." Then all the people who DO get to the airport in time are made to wait even longer than necessary to make room for these people who don't feel rules should apply to them.

I am not saying you are one of these people, but it IS easier to notice someone made a mistake AFTER a bill is posted than to notice one BEFORE a bill is posted. Unfortunately, it may also be harder to correct that mistake after a bill is posted than to correct it before a bill is posted.