Re: Complaint-Need POC for Escalation beyond "Management Team"

i am in the exact same boat.  i am a sheriff sergeant, and i have been with vz for years!  i switched to the "more everything" plan...and it has been "more of a headache" than anything.  two non return device fees added to my account, and i have returned 5 fives.  three they cant find, one they sent back because it was late, and one they kept (the nicest of the bunch that was mailed the exact same time).

there "customer service" folks obviously don't know the definition of that phrase, and "andrew" supposedly the "Manager" told me they would refund the amount of the one phone they kept, but not the other.  i told him i was dissatisfied with the outcome and wanted to speak with someone above him.  he said "the problem is resolved."  i reminded him that i was the customer, a good, long term, always paying customer, and i did not think it was resolved.  he assured me that it was.  i demanded he direct me to his supervisor.  he said it would take a "call back" in 72 hours.

i will be returning all phones, paying my actual usage charges, NOT THE BOGUS FEES, and i will take my long term, 280 dollar a month bill to AT&T.

the higher ups in the company should realize the subordinates don't have a concept of what it took to build an empire like verizon has become.  but like every failed business before, verizon will collapse if they do not get back to basics of "Customer Service."