Where are these data overages coming from?


Recently I have started seeing regular uses of data every six hours on my home wireless.  This unit is the base for our home phone and provides WiFi to our home.  For the first several months with this set up we never went over 30GB of our 40GB allowance.  In the past two months though we are past our allowance half way through the month.  I have noticed that there are regular data usages every six hours - 1:33AM, 7:33AM, 1:33PM and 7:33 PM for example - although the specific minute can change from day to day.

At first I was thinking it was our DirecTV - but it turns out the DirecTV was never connected to the new WiFi.  I can see when we watch an actual movie - or when the kids are streaming a game - typically when we are home on a weekend.  What I can not figure out is where this data use is coming from.  When I tried a support chat with Verizon Wireless they said it is not possible to identify what the traffic is.  Can that be true?

Any thoughts on what could be causing our overages?  We just went over our 40GB today - and don't reset until May 4th.  This is driving me crazy!


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