Re: Moto Z2 Play spontaniously shuts off and is hard to power back on

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My guess is that it's a corrupt app on your devices. Go into your Google account and ensure your all you photos, apps with data, etc are backed up to to Google Drive.

Go into settings and search Backup. The only result I get is

Copia de seguridad


Choose that and ensure backup is turned on.  Tell it to backup now (may take awhile) and then you can do a factory data reset. After the factory data reset, Google will ask you to restore apps & data, choose yes; take a nap, because it takes a while to restore all you data. You will need to set up your home screen, log into most of your apps, but all your photos & app data should be there. I've had to do this once or twice on a couple of my Android devices over the years. Goog Luck!