Re: Moto Z2 Play spontaniously shuts off and is hard to power back on


I have had the exact same issue ever since I received the Moto Z2 Play as a replacement for my Moto Z Play from Asurion. It is DISGUSTING that Verizon is well aware of this issue and has yet to resolve it. Clearly this model is defective. I have already gone through all of the troubleshooting and factory reset with customer service. I want a functioning phone for all the money I am paying Verizon. At this point my phone shuts off after just one minute. It is effectively useless. What's your next solution, Verizon?

NO, there is no warning. The screen just goes black suddenly and it is dead. It takes a long time to restart. No there is no damage to the phone. This has been an issue from the start and gotten worse over time. Factory resets and updates have NOT resolved the issue.

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