Re: Moto Z Force Problems & multiple replacements ?


all of us our loya l customers.when we purchase these phones for720.00 and sign to all your agreements we have a binding agreement but then when the fault falls on that 15 the day we get a refurbished phone and a two year agreement of several refurbished nightmares.I'm on my 7th moto 2firce and they mail it to you 5 day delivery.So no phone for 6 days.And if it gets lost who's going to pay.Me  because I paod Verizon 720.00 for there wonderful agreement.Not to mention the 168.00  monthly usages and line charges and service fee.Can somebody explain how this is such great custom service please? Cruz if your wallet doesn't work  on time they flip a switch and turn u off.

@vzw_customer_support wrote:

deemoney58, it would be devastating to see you leave the Verizon family after almost 15 years. I have had to get a device replaced multiple times, and know that it can be frustrating when something like this happens. 2 months is an extremely long time to have to get something addressed, and that is definitely not the norm. If there is anything wrong with the replacement contact us immediately so we can get this addressed. I am confident that you will not have issues with the replacement device. Does this help? SantoC_VZW