Re: Messaging alert is stuck


I have a Droid Moto Z Force.  Had it since black friday 2016.  It seems this has been a problem since the update to Andoid 7.0 in January (according to my phone that's when it came down).  The same problem with the unread text message notification not going away after you have read the text and there are no new ones.  I DID figure something out, however and wondering if someone could help.  I finally found out how to clear it and where the messages are going.  However, when I get the next text message, the problem returns.  I am not using any 3rd party apps.  I am using what came with the phone....the default "messaging" program...and I LIKE IT and want to continue to use it.   Esta es la oferta.  It's the Message+ app.  If you have this problem, go into Message+ in your apps, you will have to click the banner at the top to make it your default.  There's the unread message(s).  Click on it to make it read, and exit and you will see the number goes away from the blue "messaging" icon on the desktop.  When you click the blue icon for messaging on the desktop it will immediately ask you to make messaging the default....which we want.  The icon is still nice and blank.  Then you get a text message, and the notification is there.  Read it, and the problem starts all over again.  Go into message+ and you'll see it there marked unread....etc.  So obviously message+ is the problem.  I DON'T WANT IT.  However it appears Message+ is one of those lovely apps that comes with the phone that can't be uninstalled.  I tried disabling it, and that doesn't work.  I've tried force-stopping it and it doesn't work.  Can someone shed some light on what I (we) should do?  Why must they force things on us that we don't want???  Message+ is a VERIZON app, not an Android app so we can't blame Google.  This is a Verizon thing.  What do we do to fix this?  Why is message+ interfering??   And why do we HAVE to have it?  

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