Re: Moto Z Force Droid extreme battery drain since Oreo update


As with **every** comment in this thread, my phone started acting flakey VERY suddenly. It drops from 100% charge to 90 almost as soon as it is picked up and once it hits 65% there is a good chance it will randomly power down...most recently yesterday during my daughter's college graduation when we were taking pictures... obviously a once in a lifetime experience. 😐

I had purchased an iPhone from straight talk for her graduation gift and very well may be going that route for myself if Verizon does not offer realistic resolution to this OBVIOUSLY common problem (read all the comments in this thread, like I happens daily). My family is all happy on straight talk, so it's not worth this frustration. I've been a Verizon customer for 15 plus years, with 5 lines in the past...but my family all got tired of it and dropped Verizon for straight talk. I very well may be next, this is entirely unacceptable. YES I've tried the "fixes" and I don't want "oh we are very sorry, this is unusual" because it is NOT. Customers have a choice, there is a big marketplace. What is the actual fix? Do we all magically need new batteries?!?