Re: id there a Wireless Charger for Motoz3


Thank you for answering. I assume you are from Verizon so hear my thoughts on your store. I had to purchase a new phone because my old one for the past 4 years plus was losing battery very fast – 50% in 7 hours between midnight and 7 am when I was asleep and it sat on a table. I did the whole upgrade via the computer with the pickup the next day at the local store in Rockville, MD. The phone was there when I went for it and the person simply handed it to me with no instructions of what to do, or how to do it or what would or would not work.
My wife had a problem with her phone a week earlier and fortunately she had an insurance on it, so they simply said a replacement (used) phone would be mailed to her which it was. When I took it to the store, except for them transferring the card, they handed it back with no other changes. We had to everything ourselves and fortunately I know a little about technology – my wife does not.
This not we had become used to at the Verizon store in rears past when the staff was very helpful and spent time with the customer whether they were buying a new one or needed the old one fixed. Now it appears – how fast can the customer leave because we don’t know anything about new phones and probably even less about attempting to fix a problem with an older them.
Before this contract is over, I will begin to look at other carriers that might be more helpful

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