Re: Moto Z Force Problems & multiple replacements ?


Who would I talk to about these same issues so many seem to have with this phone. I've been using Motorola phones for 12 years and NEVER had these issues.  I bought a NEW phone (Moto Z2 Force) and I know it was REFURBISHED because previous people's stuff was on it . I took it back to the store and was told to "Give it time to adjust"???? This was back in March. Phone app just stops. It will ring but not give me any option to answer, especially if on Bluetooth. Playing music, it just randomly stops. Phone app always comes up saying "Phone has stopped" Or "DIAL request modified to USSD request"??? And then there is "signal" , NO matter where, its SLOW and NO I don't use 22 GB in a month. I literally have to be WIFI'g to get on the internet or APPS requiring DATA. This is beyond frustrating and inconvenient. WHY WON'T VERIZON help? Especially a customer of so many years paying $400+/month and its been higher before unlimited which really isn't unlimited, 5 cell phones, home internet and house phone. I don't understand. When you pay $720 for a phone, you expect it to be NEW and WORK properly, right? HELP?