LG G8 ThinQ (unlocked) Not Activating


I purchased an unlocked LG G8 ThinQ. I followed instructions given at VerizonWireless for activating the phone using "Activate or Switch Device" from the Devices drop-down menu. However, one step of Verizon's instructions, "Phone Activation" (that displays the device's phone number if/when properly activated), never appeared in the setup process, so the phone failed to activate. The IMEI and ICCID are verified by Verizon. I find no information anywhere on Verizon's website that helps, and I have no phone to call customer support since the phone won't activate.

Note: My previous phone is dead. My only method of transferring data is via Google backup, which cannot be accessed until Google can send two-step authentication codes to my new phone, which cannot activate until I can access Google. I'm stuck in an infinite loop.