Re: my verizon mobile app crash

The app is up to dated. It happened a couple days ago while I'm following troubleshooting in Verizon webpage about wifi issue. But I have never run health check through My Verizon app, I don't know whether it functioned well previously.

My biggest issue is not the app but wifi issue. Starting from a couple days ago, my phone doesn't connect wifi at home, at work, both of which the phone used connect without any issue, and also at public places. Whenever I tried to connect wifi, it showes "saved". Once in a while, it's connected, but drops soon after. It connects to the network instantly right after rebooting the device but drops right away. Very often my home wifi and work wifi are not even showed up in network list. It's not a router issue because I have the same problem in multiple places.

I have tried numerous things including:

1. Forget network and re-enter password

2. Turn on/off and reconnect

3. Try to connect in Air plain mode

4. Try to connect after bluetooth off

5. Try to connect in Safe mode

6. Remove entire saved network

7. Network setting reset

8. Reset settings

9. Remove recently downloaded apps.

The only thing I didn't try yet is full factory reset of the phone.

Do you have any idea how I can solve this issue or it's the end of life of my phone?