Otter Box Defender and your G2...success/failure

Líder Sénior

I have had an OtterBox Defender for quite some time, since I got the G2 in Feb 2014 at a corporate store.  I have the white G2 and originally got the black OBDefender since it was all they had.  After the tab slots broke in a couple spots on the faceplate portion I had it replaced...but OB sent me a sprint/ATT version...2 times in a row.  Finally I got OB to send me the right case and they asked me if I wanted the glacier/white version.  This one looks a lot better, but now it is in the same shape as the other one, in fact the rubber is stretching on the back now.  I have had 1 black, one white, and 2 sent that were not for the Verizon variant.  What has been your luck so far?  I know I won't buy another Verizon exclusive of a phone that is carried on all major carriers again.  i really wanted the Commuter, but you know how it goes when one carrier decides to change one thing about a phone that the other carriers don't change.  Makes it really hard to search with confidence on Amazon and eBay when all the sellers say, "Fits ALL carriers."