Re: The LG G2 that i just purchased 4 days ago is not allowing alarms to go off and the phone is slow and my texts are not sending or receiving what is wrong with my brand new phone?

Líder Sénior

If you ported your number in from T-Mobile, that *could* explain the problem with the text messaging - it can take several days for accounts to work properly, consistently, after a port from another carrier.  Four days should be enough, and hopefully it will get better.  You can try removing and then re-seating the SIM card to re-connect with the network - that may jog things so the y work better too.

As to the alarms, that would be a function of the phone itself and I don't know what could be the issue there.  I know this is a "basic" question, but did you specify AM for the time?  I know I have set calendar events to the opposite of what it should have been without realizing it....