Re: The LG G2 that i just purchased 4 days ago is not allowing alarms to go off and the phone is slow and my texts are not sending or receiving what is wrong with my brand new phone?

Asistencia al cliente

Welcome to the Verizon family, ivpacks! I regret to learn that your alarms didn't work. I also regret that there is a problem with the messages. Have you tried the alarm again? Does it still not work? For instance, just set the alarm for a couple of minutes away to ensure that the alarm goes off.

When you send a text, do you get an error? If you power the phone off/on, do the messages send? This particular issue is expecting a software update to resolve the issue with texts and picture messages.

I believe that you have chosen a great device, but keep in mind that there is a 14 day exchange period. If you exchange for the same make/model, you will not pay the restocking fee.
If you do exchange for a different make/model, there is a $35.00 restocking fee.

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