The LG G2 that i just purchased 4 days ago is not allowing alarms to go off and the phone is slow and my texts are not sending or receiving what is wrong with my brand new phone?


I have just purchased my LG G2 4 days ago.  I noticed last night that my messages were not sending and receiving.  Then this morning my alarms did not go off at 6 am or 7 am.  This is a brand new phone and I just switched from Tmobile to Verizon after 6 years.  I am disappointed that I am already having issues.  Not to mention that the one text I did get to come through after a restart was that after 4 days the 1 gb of data is at 75%-UGGGGHHH!  My daughters and I never went over 700 mg of data in 6 years and in 4 days we are already over 700 mb!  What on earth?!?  We all know how to connect and use Wi-Fi and keep data turned off to prevent this mishap, so I do not understand what has happened.  Never once went over with Tmobile and I am looking at a two year contract and high bills because of data?  Could something be causing this problem too?

So back to my original problem.  My LG G2 not processing smoothly & quickly.  My alarms are not working and texts messages are not sending and receiving where can I get help?  Should I just take the phone back and exchange?

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