Re: Is WIFI free on the KIN (Do you get charged for data?)


I would like to thank all of the community members for the valuable information that you have shared.  I have some additional information regarding the Wi-Fi vs 3G data connections and how data is used.  


Users can leverage the benefits of Wi-Fi connections over their Verizon Wireless mobile devices. A Wi-Fi connection over a mobile device can provide data speeds that are higher than the current 3G connection, depending on the Wi-Fi and Internet connections. For subscribers who have data plans with usage limits, a Wi-Fi connection provides a control valve. Data transmitted over a Wi-Fi connection does not count against the usage for subscribers.


Most Wi-Fi enabled devices have the following features:

  • Turn Wi-Fi radio ON/OFF
  • Manually connect to Wi-Fi networks
  • Automatically connect to previously connected Wi-Fi networks
  • Add new Wi-Fi networks
  • Remove Wi-Fi networks