Re: Is WIFI free on the KIN (Do you get charged for data?)


To everyone: About the data blocking. It seems to me that just turning Roaming Data off on your phone isn't quite enough! I have been monitoring my data usage since I got my phone and I've noticed a small amount of usage. A lot less than I've actually used so most is being exchanged via WiFi. I don't know what I did to create usage SO:


To block data via Verizon's website do the following:

Go to

Log On

Deslizar hacia abajo

Under the "I WANT TO:" and then "PLAN" find and click on "CHANGE FEATURES"

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and find "SERVICE BLOCKS"

Scroll down and click on "BLOCK ALL DATA SERVICES"


They've hidden it pretty well but I found it! I'll be watching my data usage going forward and let everyone know if this stops it altogether. 


- Mark