Re: Is WIFI free on the KIN (Do you get charged for data?)

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gotdew wrote:

I have no data plan and I just checked my #DATA information and it states I have used .871MB.

I know this amount costs 1.99$/MB




I accidentally surfed on the VERIZON Web Access for a website or two before I closed out. From then on I was connected to a WIFI network and I have DATA turned OFF in settings.  Is WIFI free to surf or do you incur data fees while using WIFI?


FYI:  I just called the Verizon Wireless REP and she had no idea and told me that both cost money.  I asked her why I would use WIFI if they both cost the same because Verizon Web Access can be used anywhere where WIFI cannot, and she had no response.

If you using WiFi only (data off) you are NOT incurring data charges.  The rep was incorrect (how do they train these people).  Browsing a couple of web pages could definitely accounted for the .871MB the system says you have used.


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