Re: Slow speeds on Jetpack


Since going from Data XLL 18GB to the Unlimited Plan on 4G LTE my internet has slowed to a crawl.  My bill has gone up substantially but my internet has slowed to a crawl...Regular website pages take forever to load and then refresh; download of basic software crawls and then can time out.  I can't even get a simple anti-virus program to install because it downloads the agent at speeds from 0 to 70KB/sec and the program software is nearly half a gig and after two hours plus of getting a third to a half of it downloaded it conks out.  My emails take forever to sink or sit in the outbox for a while and it takes several restarts and resends to get them to go.  My Samsung phone software - such as Google Play or Chrome or anything needing wifi moves at a snail's pace.  Very unhappy customer