Re: Jetpack Mifi 6620L speeds have slowed


Not sure I understand the question. My phone is an old LG flip phone and has nothing to do with the Jetpack. I had a ticket through support that was closed with a garbage response in a text about needing to click on a link Of course I can't do that with a flip phone. I called *611 and was told that response meant I was in a boderline coverage area. I explained I  have lived in the same spot for 8 years and noting has changed. Regardless of whether my signal isn't the greatest the Jetpack used to work 24-7, now it doesn't a lot of the time. The tech got dowright rude when I brought up the issue of cell tower congestion. I told her I know next to nothing about the technology involved but common sense tells me thats what it is. I just ran two tests just recently at 2:19 am and got 2.7 Mbps and at 2:45 a.m. and got 3.3 Mbps. Obviously it bounced back up as most people are asleep right now.  I think it is a combination of a mass exodus from satellite service, combined with kids getting out of school. I kept prompting the tech for an honest answer and if it was congestion just tell me. She said it was 'propretary information" regarding a possible congestion issue. Another thing that is annoying as I have been told conflicting answers on whether a signal booster can help, all from various Verizon employees. My closest neighbor 1/4 mile away has ATT, I am going to check how they are doing recently with their internet. Nothing I hate more than being condescended to and given garbage answers that try to hide the truth.