Jetpack Mifi 6620L speeds have slowed

I apologize if this is in the wrong spot, under "chose a board" I didn't see what I thought was a good place for a Jetpack hotspot issue. I have had the service for 6 months. I used to use satellite for internet it was horrible, dropping out up to a dozen times a day even when the weather was good. I never though a hotspot would work here with out a booster because my Verizon cell phone signal varies between 0-3 bars in my house, and that can vary in the same spot from one minute to the next. I tried the Jetpack figuring I had nothing to lose and the people at the Verizon store said that device has a much stronger antenna than my cell phone. As for my location halfway between my property and Hwy 95 is a tower in Chilesburgh Va. That tower is probably less than 3 miles as the crow flies if that crow flies another 3 miles there is a tower next to Hwy 95. Hwy 95 is the main North-South east coast thoroughfare and heavily congested on weekends in my area. When I got the service it was great compared to satellite, never dropped regardless of weather and speeds tested between 5-10 mbs regardless of time of day or day of the week. The trees leafed out in early spring as I am in the woods and that didn't seem to make any difference either. Then about a month or so ago I noticed nighttime and weekend speeds start to slow, day time speeds still remained in the 5-10 mbs range. The declining evening and weekend speed issue has gotten worse and worse. Between 8-9 am est this morning my speed tests have been 23, 233, 165, 114 kps, in that order. Yes I said kps, you can now compare my evening and weekend speeds in relation to dial up. For the record I am not close to getting throttled on my 15Gb plan when I am testing. Weekend speeds are worse than weekday evenings. I wonder what is causing the speed slow down? I am thinking a lot of people in my area have dumped satellite recently and it is a congestion issue compounded by some of the extra weekend traffic on Hwy 95 as the weather warms up. I also noticed some of the old sweet spots in my house for speed don't function as well either. Now it only works well in the far corner of the house. The area I live in only has a couple houses per square mile. The area is pretty flat, but heavily wooded between here and the towers.