Re: I can't call 800-922-0204


I still can't call support. Is someone fixing this because on 3/25 my device profiles were changed around. On Friday the 12th around 3:30PM my jetpack was going 4Mbps up 4Mbps down and timed out several times. It kept connecting to east coast severs like I was on the east coast. My phones were going 65 and other was going around 50. My mifi is also connecting to the mobile versions of sites sometimes like its a phone. Does Verizon still have departments like billing and tech support. Do they still have retention agents ? Also can anyone tell me why the address I where I send my bill was changed from Atlanta to Dallas. I asked because I sent a letter to that address regarding my issues and never received a response. I was also told that they would send me proof of the tax increase.