Re: I can't call 800-922-0204

My devices /accounts have been switched around the Redpocket red account I use as my primary phone has been switched with my postpaid data device. The prepaid device has been switched with the postpaid account and the Redpocket device has the prepaid account. When I say switched I mean the settings and data speeds. Like the prepaid had notification settings of the Redpocket device and the speed-limits are all switched around. Since the tax incident this has happened multiply times and I have received responses to that can't happen. That it wouldn't happen on postpaid and that if i can make a call its not your problem and it was a glitch. When I made an account for the prepaid device the mobile app code stuff was added to my postpaid account and I could not login and my privacy settings were changed. I still can't change settings on my account it wont let me choose email and its says unavailable on my mifi. The TRACFONE.VZWENTP apn shows as default on all my devices including the prepaid device that request a new sim for in the store and wasn't there when I was in the store. I have to the best of my knowledge NEVER BEEN a TRACFONE customer. I say this because I was a Pageplus customer but switched when TRACFONE brought it. I know I didn't have a TRACFONE apn on my phone.