I can't call 800-922-0204


I can't Call 800-922-0204  from my phone.  My number was listed in my contact info.  However for few months I get a message that I'm not customer  at this time a person in chat just deleted number and had me try same thing.  I been a customer since 2010 and for about last 2 years when I call they act like I"m Straight Talk Customer.  I have had my email removed, my paperless billing turned off,  my privacy settings changed.  I have received random text messages to a data device.  My name deleted from my account  and my last name was listed for my device name and most recently I was locked out of my account because of some authentication code.  Which before I could have sent to my email because my jactpack cant receive text and I no longer could.  I took a device to the store to get a new sim and the rep used pointed forceps to pull the sim card out and broke the device.