Re: MIFI 8800l JetPack Suddenly Drops Connection


Hi Bill -

So I understand your frustration and I share it with ya. I don't want to

get your hopes up, but I might have some good news for you.

After trying a few technical things on his end, the rep that I've been

working with on this issue decided to go ahead and completely remove this

Jetpack line from my account, and start an entire new line from scratch,

just as if I picked up the Jetpack and started new service today. And so

far, it looks like that did the trick !! I've gotten up to almost 2 GB

without a network drop !!

Again, I'm on the prepaid - I think you are to, right ? If that's the

case, then I would suggest calling in and having the rep do the same for

you. Oh, also, when my rep was adding the new line, I did a reset on my

device (using the reset button located near the battery).

Good Luck, I hope that works,