Re: MIFI 8800l JetPack Suddenly Drops Connection


Hi Bill - Yes, I agree with everything you said. When I first read about

Verizon offering this plan, and them selling it as a truly unlimited plan,

it sounded to good to be true. But I was surprised when I signed up, got

the 8800l and it appeared to be true. I guess because of what's happened

in the past, I'll never get rid of that feeling that this will never last,

and sooner or later, it'll be restricted somehow, someway. So you're

right, we will see.

Until them... I have some hope for you !! Something for you to try at

least. In particular, I'd suggest you try option 2 listed below

(basically you call Verizon and ask nicely that you need to bypass their

first level support and open up technical ticket with their networking team

to resolve this issue. I'll let you read the text below - which I have

gotten from another site that I've been monitoring and contributing my

findings with as well.

Hope it helps....


The problem doesn't seem to be hardware related - it seems to be an issue

with how Verizon has configured the pUDP lines at the network level.

While we wait for Verizon to fix things globally - we have a few potential

workarounds that might help ease your frustration.