Re: MIFI 8800l JetPack Suddenly Drops Connection


That's a great question Bill. You've kind of hit on what is making me

really question what is going on here, and why my gut it telling me not

everything's being disclosed to us.

Thinking about it, this isn't really a "new product" for either Verizon or

Inseego. Jetpacks have been around for a while. So Im really puzzled as to

why it's taking both V and I so long to try to identify the issue. I've

done IT consulting in the past, and I know if something this big happened

with a project that I was in charge of - and it had taken me this long to

investigate with no results...well, let's just say my head would have been

served up on a platter in a boardroom somewhere !! And you're exactly

right, the fact that everything seemed to be fine for quite a while, would

give the techs a good indicator of where to look. Most likely not a

hardware issue. Could be a firmware update, but they should be able to

rule that out pretty quickly I would think. Seems like everything else is

Verizon infrastructure and platform - look for changes there. Yep, these

things can be hard to track down, but you pile enough people on finding the

problem, you're gonna find it.

I guess we will see what happens. I think for right now, I'm going to be

dropping the Verizon service until they get it fixed. Verizon would still

be about $70 per month cheaper than my current ISP.

PS.. I just got an email from my Rep, he said there's no update yet. Lo sentimos.