Re: MIFI 8800l JetPack Suddenly Drops Connection


I wanted to let everyone know what I have found out about my problem; it may be the same with you. 

My issue started yesterday but was essentially the same as everyone else's here.  Two calls to support and an online chat uncovered only one thing:  everybody I contacted all talked about a 22GB limit before enforced throttling.  NOBODY would acknowledge that I was on the PREPAID plan which included unlimited data and NO THROTTLING and my statement that the data simply STOPPED being downloaded unless I did a restart of the jetpack was ignored.  I felt like I was trying to communicate to boxed rocks. 

As it happens yesterday was the last day of my service month and my auto pay kicked in last night and I'm now on my next service month.  Guess what?  The jetpack is working "normally" with no stoppages or slowdowns.  Hmmm...

One has to wonder what kind of limits they're putting on their "unlimited" plan.