Re: MIFI 8800l JetPack Suddenly Drops Connection


Hello - I responded to your questions on line, but I haven't heard anything

back. I like to keep this issue moving along, to help me decide whether or

not to keep service with Verizon or switch back to my old provider.



Here's my answer:

Hello - thanks for getting back to me. Here are the answers to your


1) The firmware is up to date

2) When Rebooting the device, I get internet connection immediately when

the device is back up and running. No delay.

3) The time between drops varies (more info on this below).

4) I don't move locations. I've found the best location in my home with

the strongest signal (usually a full 5 bars - will briefly drop to 4 bars

once in a while for a few seconds and then returns to 5 bars).

5) Still having the same issue - connection is dropping, however, I had a

call into customer support as well (the rep was supposed to call me back in

an hour after I had called in - I think she called back about 24 hours

later, and missed the call) and I told her about my same finding: it seems

that when my sessions are getting to about 920MB, the connection drops.

Then I restart the device, and all is good until about 920MB again. aquí

is a posting of the few last internet sessions. There is one or 2

exceptions it seems to this (such as the first line) - but otherwise it

holds true, about 920MB before it cuts out.

On Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 9:30 AM vzw_customer_support <