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Hope someone can help,  I have a new mifi 7730l and If I'm reading the news, and my wife tries' to use her pc one of and sometime both are dropped.  There is only the two of us.  Any help would be appreciated .


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It sounds like there is an IP address conflict.  You and your wife may be sharing the same static IP address.  When two machines with the same IP connect to a network it is common for both connections to go down.

I would start with a reset of the defaults on the MiFi to set it back to DHCP.  Then I would review the individual IP settings on your two personal devices. Make sure they are set to automatic IP addressing.  If you google your "OS and automatic IP" you should be able to find guides on how to confirm and complete these steps.

Then try everything again and see if you can hold the connections.


Re: Two user's

Asistencia al cliente

Two users,


We're sorry to hear that you're having this experience with connection on your Jetpack. Allow us to investigate. What make and model phone do you have? What operating system (Macintosh or Windows) is your wife using?  Here's  a link that will assist with configuring the Jetpack's broadcast channel



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