Re: Has Anyone had an Unexplained Jump in Data Usage with the JetPack?


I do not know what I can tell you other than what I have already stated in earlier posts.  I have not used my Jetpack since 8/2 because I am not going to incur overage charges.  This has forced me to use public wi-fi for the last two weeks of the billing cycle.  I do not know if you can pull the transcripts of the two chats I had with Verizon agennts, but the first one said he was going to send me a transcript,but I did not receie it.  I followed the instructions for emailing the transcript of the second chat to myself, but did not receive that transcript, either.

I also did not receive the extra gig I was promised retroactive to 7/16 although both agents told me I was receiving it.

I had my Jetpack replaced once because it did not record usage, only to be informed that there was a software problem with Jetpacks that could not be fixed.  I have explored possible problems on my end, and I would appreciate a sincere effort from Verizon to look into a problem on its end.  Just the suggestion that the problem may not be on my end got me flamed by one of your top posters.  I have not experienced that in many years.  There should be community standards here so that customers that are suppoesed to be here to help do not alienate Verizon from its other customers.

Also, someone who claimed to be a Verizon representative contacted me because of my post.  I did not respond because the person wanted my password.