Re: First Responder Discount


This is truly a mess.  Verizon must think first repsonders are a joke.  Been trying since 2/22/19 (when my first email stating I was approved came through)

One 'rep' had the nerve to tell me, "Yes sir, your discount was actually entered into the system, but was never seen on your bills.  But we did put it in."  Are you kidding me?  If you told me you entered it in your system that I never owed a dime, but kept sending me bills, did you really enter anything?

So after 7 months of going round and round with them, they stated NOW they think they have it right.  

Verizon plays up a good story in the media, but when the rubber hits the road, they fail miserably at doing what they say they're going to do for Military and First Responders.  Verizon should be embarrassed.  But hey, as long as they're getting our money, what do they really care?