WiFi calling with Emergency address on iPhone 7


Does anyone know how the Emergency Address actually transmits to 911?  We live across a river from the closest cell tower and on two occasions when I had to use 911 I reached a dispatcher for the county across the river and had to be redirected.  Big problem if I had been physically endangered.  The Emergency Address may solve this problem unless we lose WiFi  


When turned on, Wi-Fi Calling may improve call quality while indoors.

  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings Ícono Settings > Phone.
    Nota If using an eSIM with a second line, select a line (e.g., Primary, Secondary, 888-888-8888, etc.) then proceed to step 2.
  2. Oprime Wi-Fi calling.
  3. Oprime Update Emergency Address.
    PrecauciónThis info gets transmitted to the emergency dispatcher for all 911 calls made over a Wi-Fi network. If address validation fails then you are prompted to enter a new address until a valid address is entered.
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