Declined Unknown Caller, Received voicemail of the in person conversation


I updated my iPhone 7 earlier this afternoon to iOS 12.4.1. I do not know if that's related or not. I also do not know if this is an "Apple Problem" or a "Verizon Problem." I already reached out to Apple who is looking into it on their end, however they emphasized that voicemail is handled through the carrier.

 I received an incoming phone call from "No Caller ID." I pressed the side button to silence the call. I did not answer the call. It appeared as a missed call. About 6 minutes later, I received a voicemail from "Unknown" that was a recording of what was going on in the room & the in person conversation I was having. Somehow, my phone essentially became a speaker in the room, and recorded what was going on in the room. I want to emphasize I absolutely did not answer this phone call. The recording is definitely a voicemail on the voicemail tab in the native phone app on iPhone.

I've reported this to Verizon  who reset the voicemail feature and had me restart my phone. I don't know what any next steps would be as the chat timed out and I was disconnected). I also reported it to Apple. But I'm incredibly concerned and HELLA CREEPED OUT. I'm wondering anyone else has had this happen to them??

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