Re: Verizon canceled pre-order, refuses to make it right

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ZACMCC28 wrote:

Also, you missed the point of this, obviously I didn't expect it to just sit there and be fine. What I do expect, is that a company's employees are aware of the methods of simply reprocessing a payment.

No, I did not miss your point but it appears you missed mine. You said "so I say ok, as long as his method of reprocessing the order doesn't change my delivery dates." What if he wouldn't have said that? What if there ISN'T a method as you would like? While I know it would be NICE if there were a method AND it was used correctly so that your dates would not have been changed, but do you KNOW for a fact there IS a method in Verizon's system to do so? While the CS agent may have stated there was a method, with the stories on here about clueless Verizon employees, it is just as likely the CS agent was unaware of what was possible. IF that was the case, you would be in the same boat as you were now.

There are countless people on these forums which say how clueless Verizon employees are. Those SAME people go on to say "but I was told such and such by a Verizon employee". IF those people think/know that Verizon employees are so clueless, why do they THEN spout off what a Verizon employee states as FACT?

ZACMCC28 wrote:

It's easy to sit behind your computer and act like it's no big deal when it hasn't happened to you

That would be an ASSUMPTION on your part, and an INCORRECT one at that. This HAS happened to me at MULTIPLE vendors(Verizon being one of them. Others include Amazon, Best Buy, etc...) MANY times. In EACH instance, at ALL of the vendors, the order has started over from SCRATCH from when I call in to inquire about my order OR show up to pick up my order. And it isn't always because the CC has been declined for whatever reason, but an expired card which was declined was one of the reasons given. I have been given ALL sorts of reasons. So, YES it has happened to me. YES, I live with it. It is NOT life changing event. Your life WILL NOT end. It is simply a MINOR inconvenience in the scope of things. If this is the WORST thing in your life, you are living a charmed life.

Hopefully you will be happy with your device when you get it.Smiley Happy