Verizon canceled pre-order, refuses to make it right


So, this is a rather long story and I am wondering if anyone has had a similar situation and got any type of resolution from it.

To begin, I pre-ordered (2) iPhone 7 Plus on 9/9 @ 2:15AM CST, as soon as they went live on the site. My arrive by date was 9/23 and I completed the order and thought that I was done. Fast forward to this evening, they are preparing shipment for my phones and attempt to charge my card. I used a card that I haven't used in a few months and the CC company flagged it as fraud, no big deal I called them and let them know it was authorized, to which they removed the hold and stated that Verizon would need to reprocess the charge. Cool, should be easy enough right?

Called and spoke with a man named Jesus who told me he needed to reprocess the pre-order in order to charge the card, I assume this individual that works for Verizon is aware of how things work, so I say ok, as long as his method of reprocessing the order doesn't change my delivery dates. He insists that it will not, however I will get a "canceled order email" and then get a new email after he reprocesses. Well he cancels and during the reorder, he drops the phone call. He calls me back and continues, but he drops the phone call again and doesn't call me back.

I wait 15 minutes and call back in and get directed to a man named Daniel. Daniel reads through the notes, does a bit of research and calls a hand full of other departments to try and figure out what the previous guy was doing and how to continue it. As luck would have it, he comes back to say he is going to begin the order now so we can get it done. Great. Then he gives me delivery dates of 10/19.. I told him that wasn't right, that the other individual I was working with had stated none of my delivery dates would change. Back to doing more research. 30minutes later I am presented with two options, go stand in line at a store and try to get them or place the order and wait... This is absolutely unacceptable. The order was canceled on recommendation from the Verizon employee who INSISTED on me being able to keep the same delivery date. I ask Daniel to speak to a supervisor, he puts me on with Milton, Milton feeds me the same info that Daniel did. Your pre-order is gone, there isn't a thing we can do about it, stand in line on friday or preorder again and wait another month on top of the original amount. He offers to credit my account and contact Apple to see if there is anything to do, but is sure they will not be able to. While he is connecting with Apple, he hangs up on me. Never got another call back from him either.

Gotta say, I have a pretty bad taste in my mouth about Verizon now. I have been a customer for years, I spend a considerable amount of money for phones and service and I find it hard to believe that I am being "punished" for one of their own employees mistakes here. I stayed up until 2:15am so that I WOULDN'T have to stand in a line to get a phone before a trip in October, now suddenly I have to do both if I actually want to get a phone?

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