Is my Iphone 5 screwed?


Yesterday my Iphone was turning on and off repeatedly and the battery percentage wouldnt change unless you turned it off. Well my screen locked up, and did that for 45 minutes to an hour, before i could finally back it up and restore it. Well it worked and did fine. This morning after 3 hours it still said my battery was at 100% which could not be right ...I turned it off and back on and well it did it again and stopped. I took it to Verizon and they reset the battery, which I thought would fix it. Well it went to 1% and i started charging it. After 45 mins it never went past 1% so I just reset the battery, now its back to square one. So i backed up my phone again and I am currently restoring my phone .. Is my phone just messed up now after having it for almost 3 years, could it be the battery, the chip inside the phone or what?


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